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Terms & Conditions

All bookings are taken on the understanding that the following conditions will apply in full in all circumstances.  A confirmed booking, verbal or written, is an agreement that the customer will abide by the companies terms & conditions at all times.

All horses and equipment travel at owner's risk, and all horses to be fully insured by the owner.  Please note that you are personally liable for your horse during transport.

All veterinary costs or addtional stabling, in excess of that included during the journey, must be covered by the owner.  Should your horse require urgent veterinary attention in our opinion, and the owner is not contactable, we reserve the right to contact the vet on your behalf, however the owner will still remain under all circumstances entirely responsible for all veterinary or emergency charges incurred.

It is the responsibilty of the sender to prepare the horse for travel, and it is entirely the owner's decision to dress the horse as they wish.  We will transport the horse as he/she is given to us, and use any boots, tail guard etc appropriately.

ETA and it's employees will take all reasonable precautions; however, in the event of an accident please note that you are personally liable for your horse in the event of injury or damage sustained to or by your horse.  Any damage to the vehicle must be paid for and the owner will be liable to cover the cost of any repairs.

45 minutes loading time is included, after which it is £15 +vat per 15 minutes thereafter.  Depending on the circumstances it may not be possible to wait longer than 60 minutes on a shared load. Should it not be possible to load your horse after the 60 minutes, and the transport cannot take place, you will be charged a cancellation fee of between 50 - 100% depending on circumstances.

We reserve the right to refuse to continue to transport the horse once loaded or during the journey, if we believe that it cannot be transported safely without risk to the horse, the horsebox, or our staff, and a cancellation fee will still be chargeable.  Should it be necessary to unload the horse at an alternative location, the owner will be fully responsible to pay all stabling and veterinary fees, and all costs must be settled in full before the horse will be released to the owner.  It will then be the owner's responsibility to organise the further movement of the horse.

Prices quoted are based on the information given by the customer at the time of booking, if that information is incorrect or changed  and results in any additional journey time, this may result in an extra charge.  Waiting time is charged at £60 +vat per hour.

We can carry a limited amount of tack or rugs with your horse, but the insurance for these items is your responsibility.  All contents are entirely your responsibility, and we will not be held liable for any loss or damage.  If there is a large amount of equipment that needs to travel with the horse,  additional partition space can be provided for a further fee.

Cancellation within 24 hours incurrs a 50% fee, within 12 hours a 100% fee.

In order to confirm a booking we will require a deposit, which will be deducted off the invoice total. This can be made by debit or credit card (all foreign cards and business cards carry a 3% handling fee) over the phone or by bank transfer. The balance must be settled in full by delivery at the latest. The deposit amount will be confirmed at the point booking. 

Methods of payment include, bank transfer in advance (proof of the transfer should be sent to us), cash on delivery either pounds sterling or euros, or by debit or credit card (all foreign cards and business cards carry a 3% handling fee). Please note that we do not accept cheques under any circumstances.

We run a shared load trip to Belgium and Holland every week without fail. Should our shared load fall through for transport onto other EU countries then we occasionally work with a European counterpart for the last part of the journey. As this is not always known until the transport has begun you will not always be notified. Should you have any objection to this please make us aware at the point of booking. If you would like more information regarding this please ask a member of staff.

All horses will need a export health certificate in order to travel abroad. The health check by the vet is not comprehensive vetting just a simple check to make sure horse is fit for travel and check the ID against the passport. All horses must be microchipped or have an up to date set of markings easily identifying the horse in the passport. The microchip must be readable by a standard pet id scanner. If the vet is unable to take a microchip reading when completing the export papers there will be additional costs incurred, of which the owner will remain under all circumstances entirely responsible. If you have not read your horses microchip for a long time it might be advisable to have this checked prior to shipping. Very occasionally microchips can get lost or become unreadable.

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